Terrance’s Story

As a professional musician hair loss really had a huge effect on my self-esteem. Image plays a big part in the industry, and to be honest I could not look in the mirror without disliking what I was looking at.

This led me on the long road of finding solutions that would fit my lifestyle.

Terrance: Before SMP
Terrance: Before SMP
Terrance: Before SMP
Terrance: Before SMP

More about Terrance

I had my first SMP treatment two years ago.

I’d lost my hair two years prior, and opted for the hair system route, this had become a nightmare for me to maintain, and although it looked great at times, it would look unnatural more than I’d like. It became a big deal to style and I would still go out with my hat on to avoid detection.

When meeting Simon, he immediately made me and my wife feel welcome, I explained my situation, and I showed pictures of how I looked with my hair system on. The lads commented how good it looked, my wife and I could see these lads were honest and enjoyed helping people. The same honesty continued throughout my treatment, advising me if I were to request something that he thought may be unnatural.

You can tell straight away that these lads really care about what they do, they want you to end up with the most natural result possible, because they really care about your final look, and of course their reputation too. It’s no disservice to say these guys are the best practitioners in the world of SMP, original innovators. I did about a year’s research into SMP and all its practitioners, and it was clear within a week of researching the photos and forum posts that Brandwood Clinic are the best without a doubt.

Terrance: After SMP
Terrance: After SMP
Terrance: After SMP
Terrance: After SMP

Terrance After

My life has never been the same since. When I look in The mirror, I feel handsome, and the sense of freedom that comes with the treatment is incredible. These feelings are something I hadn’t felt since my twenties, and when people find out that I’m 40, they can’t believe it, saying that I look ten years younger. If anyone is looking to get this treatment done, or curious about SMP I would 100 % recommend not going anywhere else other than Brandwood. I’ve recently had a booster treatment and it’s improved my look dramatically

I’d like to call these fellas to my mates and I’m so grateful to have a life changing treatment by such a professional company that cares so much about what they do.

Thank you lads, the moment I had this done my life changed so much for the better.


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