How much does Scalp Micropigmentation cost?

At Brandwood Clinic we understand that Scalp Micropigmentation is a very personal treatment, and that your ultimate solution for disguising hair loss will be unique; meaning that costs will be calculated to your individual requirements.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an innovative technique that is changing the way people with any form of hair loss regain their confidence.

See comphrensive reviews and stories from our satisfied customers from around the world. See how Brandwood have changed lives.

We offer a range of finance options with 0% interest. It can start from as little as £95 pcm. SMP has never been so affordable.

Regarded as the world leading experts in SMP. Brandwood Clinic have trained many thousands of practitioners and won countless awards.

How much does SMP cost?

At the time of your free no-obligation consultation we will be in a position to provide you with an accurate quote for your treatment. Every treatment is bespoke, individually designed to blend with your remaining hair and frame your features perfectly.

We can however, provide a rough estimate dependent on where you rank on the specific scale. Find out where you are on the scale by completing our quick online quiz.

Prices start from as little as £95 pcm.

Guide to SMP costs

Hair Treatments Cost
Hairline Alteration £300
Touch-up (per hour) £300
Norwood 2-2a £700 – £1500
Norwood 3a-3v £900 – £1800
Norwood 4 £1100 - £2100
Norwood 5-5v £1300 – £2500
Norwood 6 £1500 – £2700
Norwood 7 £1800 – £2950
Savin I-1 From £150
Savin I-2 From £200
Savin I-3 From £300
Savin I-4 From £450
Savin II-1 From £600
Savin II-2 From £1500
Savin III From £2500
Savin Advanced From £2700
Whole Head (Thinning Hair) £3200- £4200
Alopecia £2500- £4500
Facial Treatments Cost
Facial Micropigmentation (per session) £200 - £600
Burn/ Scar Treatment Cost
Norwood 2-2a £700 – £1500 (+ up to £1,000)
Norwood 3a-3v £900 – £1800 (+ up to £1,000)
Norwood 4 £1100 – £2100 (+ up to £1000)
Norwood 5-5v £1300 – £2500 (+ up to £1,000)
Norwood 6 £1500 – £2700 (+ up to £1,000)
Norwood 7 £1800 – £2950 (+ up to £1,000)
Savin I-1 From £150 (+ up to £1000)
Savin I-2 From £200 (+ up to £1000)
Savin I-3 From £300 (+ up to £1000)
Savin I-4 From £450 (+ up to £1000)
Savin II-1 From £600 (+ up to £1000)
Savin II-2 From £1500 (+ up to £1000)
Savin III From £2500 (+ up to £1000)
Savin Advanced From £2700 (+ up to £1000)

More choices and finance options

The price you are quoted is one which covers all the sessions required to achieve the promised result. We have fully qualified, multi award winning practitioners and a range of offers available to fit your budget – as well as offering competitive finance options.

We always have attractive offers, competitive pricing and discounts.

A typical full hair loss treatment will include 3 clinical sessions and all Brandwood Clinic treatments come with a comprehensive 24 month guarantee.

Prices start from as little as £95 pcm.


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