SMP Exclusives from Brandwood

Our proprietary, specialised Scalp Micropigmentation techniques are available no where else in the industry. Brandwood Clinic have pioneered, perfected and lead the art of SMP, giving you an edge over treatments found anywhere elsewhere in the world.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an innovative technique that is changing the way people with any form of hair loss regain their confidence.

Cost varies dependent on the amount of treatment required after consultation. But our guide to cost can give you a rough estimate. 

We offer a range of finance options with 0% interest. It can start from as little as £95 pcm. SMP has never been so affordable.

Regarded as the world leading experts in SMP. Brandwood Clinic have trained many thousands of practitioners and won countless awards.

Exclusive SMP treatments

Elevate your hair restoration journey with Brandwood Clinic’s exclusive treatments, unrivaled in the industry and available nowhere else. Introducing ‘The Pioneer,’ a groundbreaking solution that redefines standards in hair loss management. This unique treatment combines innovation and artistry to deliver results beyond expectation. For those seeking a sharp and sophisticated look, ‘Sharp Up’ is the epitome of precision and elegance, setting a new benchmark in hairline enhancement.

Additionally, our proprietary ‘SMP Rescue©‘ stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence, providing a specialized approach to address unique scalp micropigmentation challenges. At Brandwood Clinic, these exclusive treatments signify a commitment to pioneering advancements in the field of hair restoration, ensuring unparalleled results tailored to individual needs. Choose exclusivity, choose Brandwood Clinic.

The Enhancer

The Enhancer benefits men, disguising thinning areas and working with a range of hair colours and styles to improve the overall appearance.

Ready to style

Ladies, unlock a world of hairstyling possibilities with the Ready to Style volumiser! Say goodbye to costly thickening products, time-consuming routines, and hello to effortlessly voluminous hair. 

Our innovative RTS technique not only saves you time and money but also enhances the density of your hair, giving it a thicker look after just one treatment. Collaborate with your trusted hairdresser or let us connect you with one, and embark on a transformation to discover a stunning new look you never thought possible.

SMP Rescue

Get help from our world-class practitioners, unparalleled in helping many other people in the same situation. Introducing SMP Rescue©, our exclusive service designed to rectify poor procedures from other clinics. Our talented practitioners specialise in correcting poor distribution and concealing blow-outs, achieving flawless results. In numerous cases, laser removal of the previous treatment is unnecessary.

The Sharp Up

Specifically designed for our Black, Asian and mixed-race clients, The Sharp-up is a permanent style/shape-up giving the definition you’re looking for. You can use it to define an existing look or set a template for your barber to work around. Either way you’ll be sure to look your sharpest.

This Scalp Micropigmentation technique works around existing hair to blend and enhance both the style and the density. SMP can build up the areas that are thinning or darken in other places – we can merge into your sideburns and your beard for the absolute sharpest Shape-up lines possible.

Leave nothing to chance, get the lines that you like and make it permanent. The Sharp-up defines who you are.

The Pioneer

‘The Pioneer’ a trendsetting solution for male pattern balding. Our expertise not only enhances the top of your head but seamlessly blends your hairline into sideburns, ensuring an effortlessly sharp appearance. 

Stay on-trend instantly and for the long haul while we take care of your hair, giving you the freedom to grow that beard. SMP isn’t just for the scalp; it adds depth, sharpens the flow from head to chin, and seamlessly integrates with your beard. Join us at Brandwood Clinic as we innovate, helping you excel in style now and in the future.

3D Camouflage

Brandwood Clinic leads the 3D revolution with the innovative 3D Camouflage© technique. Pioneered by Director Practitioner Simon Lane in Birmingham, UK, this breakthrough, extended by Practitioner Agata Andrews, now includes scar coverage for a more authentic hairline. Our 3D Camouflage© is a game-changer, effectively concealing all types of scars, making them practically invisible. 

Common among SMP customers, scars from hair transplants, both old and new, find a solution with our patented 3D Camouflage©. Exclusively available only at Brandwood Clinic.


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