Rob’s Story

I began losing my hair to normal male pattern baldness in my mid to late thirties. Thinning at the crown and receding at the temples. They say that by the time you notice you are going bald that you’ve probably already lost 50% of your hair.

Rob: Before SMP
Rob: Before SMP
Rob: Before SMP
Rob: Before SMP

More about Rob

I’ve never been one to spend hours in the mirror, preening myself with gels and waxes, trying to make myself look like something out of the latest boy band. I’ve always liked the cropped, shaven-head look but when my hair was just starting to recede, I recall I got my wife to clipper it all off and I nearly cried. I just felt it didn’t suit me and opted to keep my hair for as long as possible. However, once I hit my early 40’s I was fighting a losing battle, it was thinning at the crown and my hairline was heading backwards at an alarming rate.

I honestly thought I was destined for a life of unhappiness and genuinely had not even looked into solutions when one day I happened to be watching a documentary program on BBC3 and I saw something referred to as MHT, which we all now refer to as SMP. I saw this as a gift from the Gods and 6 weeks later I was in the chair being treated by a man who promised he’d help me feel better when I looked in the mirror.

Rob: After SMP
Rob: After SMP
Rob: After SMP
Rob: After SMP

Rob After

I instantly struck up a friendship with my practitioner and felt I owed him a debt of gratitude. I wanted to shout from the roof tops what this man had helped me achieve, so I set about documenting in great detail my progress, along with daily photos immediately after treatments, feelings, friends and family’s reactions and amusing anecdotes. I just wanted to give something back, to praise my practitioner and assist others considering treatment. That thread on another forum has had over 100,000 hits. The man I refer to was Simon Lane, who, prior to the opening of Brandwood Clinic, was working for another well-known SMP provider.

Please believe me when I say Simon made ‘that place’ what it was. That is why, although I was offered a free treatment by the other company in return for doing some photographs back in 2013, I have chosen to ‘follow’ Simon and entrusted him to take my SMP to the next level.

Prior to treatment at the new Brandwood Clinic, I visited and had a consultation. I recall previously always being very nervous but this was like visiting an old friend. I was instantly put at ease, had a coffee in the smart consultation room where we discussed in great detail the best way forward. Then I was shown the spotless treatment room where I had my patch test in preparation for my session 13 days later.

My session date arrived and Simon discussed our game plan and in the next 3.5 hours set about addressing those things we felt could be improved upon.

I genuinely received excellent service at the clinic, I can’t speak highly enough.

Viva La Brandwood.


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