Rådmund’s Story

I am 53 years old and from Oslo, Norway.

For most of my life I have never had to worry about my hair, it’s always been thick and strong and something I’ve been proud of.

Two years ago, my life felt like it was in a bad nightmare, I woke up one morning and noticed clumps of my long black hair on my pillow, horrified I ran to the mirror to see bald patches at the front of my hairline.

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I went immediately to a Doctor who told me I had developed Alopecia. I had no idea what was happening to me and why, research into this condition told me it could be caused by stress, a life changing moment but nothing was conclusive and more worrying there was no immediate cure.

I was told to wait and be patient and hopefully my hair would start to grow again, it didn’t and over the next two years it got worse. The only thing I could do was comb my hair to hide the bald patches appearing now all over my head.

I am a sales executive by occupation and work takes me around Europe where I have to look smart in appearance, attending board room meeting and speaking in front of many people. I began to feel very conscious and paranoid and confided in my wife that I needed to look at alternative choices.

It was my wife who discovered Scalp Micropigmentation, hair tattoo, and researched the world’s leading specialists in camouflaging Alopecia. She told me about Brandwood Clinic in England who had treated Alopecia with outstanding pictures as proof. Within a week I was on a plane for my style consultation.

Rådmund: Before SMP
Rådmund: Before SMP
Rådmund: Before SMP
Rådmund: Before SMP
Rådmund: After SMP
Rådmund: After SMP
Rådmund: After SMP
Rådmund: After SMP

The hardest part for me was imagining myself with short hair as all my adult life I had long hair, but I was ready for a life style change. My wife came with me for moral support on my first visit and I was introduced to Simon who would be treating me five times over a 6-week period. Once my hair had been shaven off I could see the true extent of my alopecia and knew that I had made the correct choice.

Simon was very good, creating my hairline to suit me and filling in the patches all over my head as well as applying pigments elsewhere in case I lose any more hair in the future. I am now extremely happy with my new appearance and think Simon has done an amazing job, I believe if you want the best of anything and you must travel to get it then you should do this. Brandwood’s practitioners are the best people to see for Micropigmentation hair loss cure, of this I have no doubt.

My wife enjoys my new look and my work colleagues believe I shaved my hair off as a mid-life transformation now I am in my fifties. Thank you all at Brandwood Clinic for helping me.


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