George’s Story

I began losing my hair at 22, I used fake tans and black felt tip pens to colour my scalp in.

I had a hair transplant which failed leaving a 6-inch scar at the back of my head. When I reached 26 I began wearing a hair system, each system would last a year at a cost of £1200. As I’ve worn systems for 20 years the total cost to date is about £30,000.

George: Before SMP
George: Before SMP
George: After SMP
George: After SMP

More about George

One of my pastimes is full contact sports, wearing hair system was awful for that, every second I was thinking the system would be ripped off. If I was put in a strangle hold I would immediately tap out because I could feel the wig slipping off my head. I could never give it my all in those sparring sessions and I would come away totally angry and frustrated.

Being hairless ruined my life, mentally and physically I was a mess. I never went to weddings or parties because of my hair complex. Even in supermarkets I felt people were staring at me.

A friend told me about SMP, I googled it and immediately found Brandwood clinic. I liked what I saw on the website, how Simon and Paul had the experience, invented techniques, I never phoned anyone else and came straight to Brandwood.

I came for my consultation and knew immediately I was in the right place. The staff at Brandwood Clinic are lovely and make you feel so welcome and relaxed, there were clients sitting in the reception area about to have their third sessions and their heads looked fantastic and very natural. Simon did my consultation, I loved his treatment, he had gone through the same things as myself. My consultation lasted over an hour and all my questions were answered I was very excited to get my treatment started and get out of this nightmare.

George After

I had 3 sessions in 3 weeks and it has truthfully transformed my life, I have a natural hairline and the appearance of a short haircut, my scar has been camouflaged. I’m happy again and can enjoy the sport I love so much. It takes me minutes to get ready where it used to be an hour, I can’t thank Brandwood enough. To anyone with hair loss issues I would say visit Simon and Paul and see for yourselves the reality of this procedure.


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